Dental assistant talking to a female patient in the chair

It's Different Here


You’ll see Dr. Gibson and have his full attention during every visit.

Dr. Gibson holding a camera
Gary Gibson Dental waiting room


Who wants to visit someone who causes them pain? We specialize in pain-free care.


Conservative approach to saving your natural teeth through expertise in prevention, preservation, and restoration.

female patient smiling and talking to dental hygienist
3D X-Ray technology at Gary Gibson Dental


We use the latest technology including 3D X-rays, 3D printing, same day crowns, gunk-free digital impressions, an ultrasonic scaler, and more.

Dr. Gibson is the best...

Dr. Gibson is the best, he cares about his patients. In all the years and all the dentists I have ever had Dr. Gibson is the only one that can give numbing shots without any pain...none. All the procedures I have had also were also pain free.